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Posted on: January 29, 2008 8:02 pm
Edited on: May 24, 2008 6:33 pm

Disecting the Johan Santana blockbuster trade

Here comes another disection of a big move. Johan Santana, the sexy trade chip, is gone. He has packed his bags and is off to the big apple, which he will get to see when a Met hits a home run. He is finally gone, meaning there is not much left on the trading block other than the whole O's roster(except Nick Markakis) and most of the A's roster.

Mets take: I like this deal for the Mets. They do not give up there prized outfield prospect in 19-year old Fernando Martinez. They will give up an outfield prospect that has no room on the roster with Carlos Beltran, Moises Alou, Endy Chavez, Ryan Church, Marlon Anderson and Angel Pagan. They also give up injured but talented Phil Humber, who looks to produce as a number 3 starter at best, Deolis Guerra who is a young fireballer who can be within th 2-4 starter range and Kevin Mulvey, who could be a number 2 sometime. The Mets are getting the ace for there staff that also has Pedro Martinez, Orlando Hernandez, John Maine and Oliver Perez. Thats a pretty good bunch of pitchers. I don't think that this gives the Mets an automatic NL East winner, especially with that top notch Phillies line-up that is good top-to-bottom.

Twins take: I don't like this deal that much. The Twins were backed against a wall to get something for Johan instead of watching him leave without anything other than a 1st round pick. I think all 4 of the prospects that the Twins are getting will turn out to be fine, especially if the future 5 for the Twins turns out to be Liriano, Slowey, Mulvey, Guerra and Bonser/Humber. I still prefer this deal for the mets because of 1 player: Fernando Martinez. If F-Mart would have been thrown in, this deal quickly becomes a success for the Twins. Gomez will most likely start in the majors for the Twins with Michael Cuddyer and Craig Monroe in the other spots and Delmon Young getting the DH nod.

Pre-Season Winner: New York Mets

Johan Santana 2008 projected stats: 16-6/ 3.20 ERA/ 238-48 K-BB

Phil Humber 2008 Projected stats: 1-4/ 3.28 ERA/ 71-32 K-BB

Carlos Gomez 2008 Projected stats: 132 G/ .306 BA/ 15 HR/ 80 RBI

Posted on: January 19, 2008 4:22 pm
Edited on: May 24, 2008 2:42 pm

4 trades I would like to see......

There have been over 10 trades this off-season involving MLB-veterans. Some were deals involving more than 5 players going to another team like the Orioles-Astros deal, the Tigers-Marlins deal and the Athletics-D'backs deal. With about 20 days remaining until Pitchers and catchers report, many deals are still left on the table. There are still players that can decide whether you are a pretender or contender like Erik Bedard, Johan Santana and Brian Roberts. There are teams looking to rebuild, casting off veterans like the O's and A's. There will never be a day in the life of the MLB where a trade rumor about a player and a team ceases to exist. With that, I bring you some trades I see coming as this MLB season approaches.

player photo Minnesota Twins trade LHP Johan Santana to the New York Mets for OF Fernando Martinez, RHP Philip Humber, RHP Deolis Guerra, RHP Kevin Mulvey and LHP Aaron Heilman

After pondering it over, the Twins will realize they have to deal Johan soon. If the trade deadline comes, you will almost have to deal him off no matter what the bidder bids because you don't wanna give him up to free agency and not get anything back. If the Mets put this offer in play, the Twins have to take it. You have to get him off of your hands ASAP because you need something back. The Mets can give the Twins just that with 4 pitchers and the coveted outfielder they want. If the Mets want to win the East, they have to give up the future for now. With the money the Mets have, there is no need for future when they can just buy it.

player photo Baltimore Orioles trade LHP Erik Bedard to the Seattle Mariners for OF Adam Jones, SS Carlos Truinfel, LHP Brandon Morrow and 2B Yung-Chi Chen

Bedard has about the same price as Santana does. He has more years left on his contract and a lower contract but has shown his CY Young candidate side in only 2 seasons. Bedard would put the Mariners next to the Angels in the West. Adam Jones would give the O's the CF they need and they would have Truinfel as the shortstop of the future around 2010. Brandon Morrow would be the new "ace" when he is ready and Chen would take over 2B immediatley if Roberts is dealt. Bavasi has placed Morrow on the "untouchable" list, but he has changed his mind about prospects over the past week like crazy. The M's have been known to covet Bedard and want him very bad, if the Mariners actually offered this, I think Andy MacPahil may tak it. Unless the Reds swoop in with Votto, Bailey, Cueto and Encarnacion.

player photo Baltimore Orioles trade 2B Brian Roberts to the Atlanta Braves for OF Gorkys Hernandez and SS Brent Lillibridge

Roberts hasn't been linked to the Braves and the Braves haven't been linked to a 2B, but Kelly Johnson is not the answer. If the Mets get Johan, the Braves just about automatically fall to atleast 3rd in the East. The Phillies have already, in my opinion, gotten better with adding Brad Lidge and putting Brett Myers back in the rotation and dont really have a weak spot, other than 3B. The Braves also have 3 outfield prospects ranked higher than hernandez in Brandon Jones, Jason Heyward and Jordan Shafer, so they wouldn't be giving up  alot with hernandez, not too mention they have Francoeur still. Plus, they have Yunel Escobar maning the shortstop area, so Lillibridge may become available. Roberts is an All-star 2B and in the Top 5 at the position in MLB. Plus, this gives the O's a good outfield prospect and a shorstop that can come up and get the starting job automatically. I can't see or want to see Luis Hernandez getting the starting nod every day for the 2008 Orioles.

player photo Oakland Athletics trade RHP Huston Street to the San Francisco Giants for RHP Henry Sosa, SS Manny Burriss,  OF Nate Schierholtz and OF Fred Lewis

The Athletics are becoming a team of prospects and the Gigantes are trying to contend in a stacked NL West. One thing the Giants need is a closer. Huston Street is up for auction as another one of the A' trade chips. Billy Beane, known by many as one of the best GM's in baseball would trade with Brian Sabean, known as one of the worst GM's in baseball would try to strike a deal. The A's would get a future top of the line pitcher, a shortstop to take over for, dare I say, Bobby Crosby,  an Outfielder that would fit in well with Carlos Gonzalez and Travis Buck and another outfielderr that can step in right away. Heck, with Beane wanting a lot and Sabean giving a lot, i wouldn't be surprised if the A's got another player in this deal.


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