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Posted on: May 24, 2008 2:33 pm
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Top 15 Deadline Potential Trade Candidates

1: player photoMatt Holliday/LF Colorado Rockies

Possible Suitors: Atlanta Braves; Cleveland Indians; New York Mets;

The Rockies are 10 games behind the NL West leader Arizona Diamondbacks, and could switch to rebuilding a bit. If they do, Holliday would be the biggest prize in the Trade Market. He would warrant between 5-7 good prospects from a team, so anybody looking at him better have a darn good Farm System. However, the main reason Holliday is on here is because the contract negotiations between he and the Rockies are clubling apart, and getting a load of Top Prospects for him is the best thing possible for the Rox.

2: player photoBrian Roberts/2B Baltimore Orioles

Possible Suitors: Cleveland Indians; Chicago White Sox; Milwaukee Brewers; Minnesota Twins; Chicago Cubs

One of the best leadoff men in the majors, and one of the best second baseman in the majors. Robert's numbers are not there quite yet, but he should heat up as the season goes on. The Orioles have surprised some with being just 5 games behind the Boston Red Sox at this point, but no matter what, General Manager Andy MacPhail will be rebuilding and Roberts is a key part to it, much like Miguel Tejada and Erik Bedard were.

3: player photoRich Harden/SP Oakland Athletics

Possible Suitors: Milwaukee Brewers; Los Angeles Dodgers; New York Yankees

Harden is arguably the best pitcher at the deadline. However, that will depend on Billy Beane's decision of whether to sell or buy at the deadline. Like almost all A's players, Beane will ask for a fortune in return, and one team will be dumb enough to do it and sacrifice a few Top Prospects for Harden, who has arm issues he is currently working out.

4: player photoGeorge Sherrill/CL Baltimore Orioles

Possible Suitors: Detroit Tigers; Cleveland Indians; Milwaukee Brewers; St. Louis Cardinals

Need a closer? Or even a set-up man? Here is your answer. Sherrill is 17 for 19 in save opportunities this season, and could help every team mentioned above with their closer jobs as none have a secure closer.

5: player photoGarrett Atkins/3B Colorado Rockies

Possible Suitors: Cleveland Indians; Minnesota Twins;

Other than the Indians and Twins, not many competing teams have a need at thrid base. The Indians are dying with Casey Blake and Andy Marte at the hot corner and will pry be the team to get Atkins. Atkins will be the best third baseman on the trade market come July.

6: player photoJason Bay/LF Pittsburgh Pirates

Possible Suitors: Toronto Blue Jays; Atlanta Braves; Cleveland Indians; New York Mets

Bay would be the best left fielder on the market, had it not been for Holliday. Bay has had some rough seasons lately, so his stock has taken a plummit from two years ago. That makes him a whole lot more affordable for teams and that makes him a player that could turn around a division.

7: player photoA.J. Burnett/SP Toronto Blue Jays

Possible Suitors: Detroit Tigers; Milwaukee Brewers; Los Angeles Dodgers; Atlanta Braves

Burnett, like Harden, has health issues, and the Jays may be able to cash in his value so far this year and use him in place of a prospect in a trade and haul a big bat to the team. Burnett also should come at less cost, so teams like the Tigers who don't have very good prospects(behind Larish and Porcello) might be able to aford him.

8: player photoJeremy Guthrie/SP Baltimore Orioles

Possible Suitors: Detroit Tigers; Milwaukee Brewers; Los Angeles Dodgers; Houston Astros; Atlanta Braves;

Guthrie is an interesting choice. he has been involved in no trade news, and has had a very good year excluding his record. He will come a whole lot cheaper then Harden, and a bit cheaper than Burnett, but Guthrie could easily pick up a team like the Brewers or Tigers and bring them back into contention.

9: player photoBrian Fuentes/CL Colorado Rockies

Possible Suitors: Detroit Tigers; Cleveland Indians; Milwaukee Brewers; St. Louis Cardinals

Fuentes is 6 for 9 in save oppourtunities, which will take away from his value and he obviously hasn't been his normal self these last two years. However, he is a better option than these other teams currenty have.

10: player photoJoe Blanton/SP Oakland Athletics

Possible Suitors: Milwaukee Brewers; Los Angeles Dodgers; New York Yankees

Like Harden, Billy Beane may ask the world for Blanton, but other than his record, "Big Country" has been very good this season. A good number 2 or 3 pitcher on any of the teams above.

Posted on: March 28, 2008 4:43 pm
Edited on: April 8, 2008 8:24 pm

Don't sleep on the O's

BALAll around the MLB fanbase, I have heard that the O's will finish lasy place in the AL East, that they will not win more than 50 games, and they will lose somewhere way over 100 games. I understand that some people believe the Bedard and Tejada trades were huge downgrades, but in reality, its not. Erik Bedard was a huge contributer to a 69 win Orioles team in 2007, but he was not fully there in April and missed all of September, ending the season of the Cy Young candidate. In the trade, the O's recieved two key pieces to this O's team in 2008, Adam Jones and George Sherrill. Jones stepped into the O's organization and was quickly granted a starting spot in center field over veteran Jay Payton. Jones has superstar potential, and will probably start slow, but should work out in a major way as the season progress'. Sherrill stepped in as the leading candidate for the closer role, vacant due to Tommy John surgery on Chris Ray. Not only will Sherrill be a key to the O's season, he will be a very good trade chip at the deadline, as well as the O's other two veteran relievers(Walker, Bradford). In that trade, the O's also reciever the M's Top Pitching Prospect, Chris Tillman(19) and one of the M's best pitching prospects, Tony Butler(20) and Ms relief prospect Kameron Mickolio(23). Mickolio could a be a helpful asset to this young O's team if any reliever get injured/traded.

 'I already forgot about it,' Erik Bedard says of allowing three runs and two walks in two innings. (AP)

~ O's new closer George Sherrill will be a big help for several reasons for the O's in 2008 while Erik Bedard trys to boost the Mariners to 1st in the AL West.



Now we go to the Tejada trade. The O's gave up a key component to there offense in 2007, but he was begining his slow down and was starting to be a cancer in the clubhouse. Orioles GM Andy MacPhail turned him around and found a good trade for him in the Astros, one day before his name was set to appear on the Mitchell Report. In the deal, he acquired 3 players that will help right off the bat. Those three are righty-starter Matt Albers, righty reliever Dennis Sarfate and outfielder Luke Scott. Albers has been compared to Curt Schilling and has talent to be a number 4 starter in this league. Sarfate, if Sherrill gets traded, would probably become the closer. He has a fastball that can reach 100 mph, and Luke Scott is a power bat the O's have needed for a while. Also in the deal, the O's recieved the 'Stros Top Pitching prospect in Troy Patton and power hitting third base prospect Mark Costanzo. Costanzo will get some time in at AAA before any moves up to the majors. He is currently blocked by Melvin Mora and third base prospect Scott Moore. Patton will miss the season with a torn labrum, and should come back by next year. The Astros will be getting a good shortstop who should return back to better power numbers in the small Minute Maid Park.



Both trades boosted the offense with a stud(Adam Jones, Luke Scott) and both gave the O's some young talent along with young pitchers. Out of the ten players acquired, 5 will be expected to be helpful to the O's in 2008. 2 of them are expected to see a call-up later in the season, one will miss the whole season. 7 of the 10 are 25 or young. 2 of the 10 are 20 or under. 2 of the 10 are Baseball America Top 100 prospects. Whatever happens in 2008, do not sleep on the O's to get 4th place. This team looks like a horrible team on paper, but are a unit of one, and together they stand, alone they fall. Let the game and the season, the sprited America's game, diside the outcome of the of the O's fatality.

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