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Posted on: July 31, 2008 5:25 pm
Edited on: July 31, 2008 5:32 pm

My Take: The Sabathia trade

Everyday, I will asess every major deal done before the Trade Deadline. I start with the Brewers-Indians trade

Milwaukee Brewers Get:

  • C.C. Sabathia/LHP

Cleveland Indians get:



This truly is a hard trade to asess. At first, I thought, if the Brewers don't make the World Series and they cannot re-sign him, they will have lost a great prospect in LaPorta and one average pitching prospect in Bryson, but LaPorta was blocked by many obsticals. Ryan Braun has made leftfield his home in Milwaukee, and the Crew already have a top notch third base prospect named Mat Gamel. Rightfield as well is blocked off but by Corey Hart. The only other option would be firstbase, where a mammoth lies in Prince Fielder. LaPorta is pretty much blocked off in the Brewers organization. Also in the trade was lefty reliever Zach Jackson, who has posted a 1.08 ERA since joining Cleveland's AAA team, the Buffalo Bisons. The other prospect acquired by the Indians was Rob Bryson, who has posted a solid 2.38 ERA since being with Cleveland's Single-A team, the Lake Couty Captains. However, before the Sabathia acquisition, I didn't believe the Brewers could make the playoffs. Thats what puts the Brewers as my winners in this trade. They got last years AL Cy Young award for a Top notch prospect, a career AAAA pitcher and an average pitching prospect. pretty good if you ask me.

Posted on: January 21, 2008 10:09 am
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DR's Pre-Season Top 10: Starting Pitchers

Everyday I will introduce a new list ranking my Top 10 of every position heading into the majors. Today, 1/21, I introduce the Top 10 MLB Starting Pitchers.

player photo 1: Josh Beckett, RHP Boston Red Sox: 2007 Stats - 200.2 IP/ 20-7/ 3.27/ 194-40 K-BB

player photo 2: Jake Peavy, RHP San Diego Padres: 2007 Stats - 223.1 IP/ 19-6/ 2.54/ 240-68 K-BB

player photo 3: C.C. Sabathia, LHP Cleveland Indians: 2007 Stats - 241 IP/ 19-7/ 3.21/ 209-37 K-BB


player photo 4: Johan Santana, LHP Minnesota Twins: 2007 Stats - 219 IP/ 15-13/ 3.33/ 235-52 K-BB

player photo 5: Brandon Webb, RHP Arizona Diamondbacks: 2007 Stats - 236.1 IP/ 18-10/ 3.01/ 194-72 K-BB

player photo 6: Erik Bedard, LHP Baltimore Orioles: 2007 Stats - 182 IP/ 13-5/ 3.16/ 221-57 K-BB


player photo 7: Carlos Zambrano, RHP Chicago Cubs: 2007 Stats - 216.1 IP/ 18-13/ 3.95/ 177-101 K-BB


player photo 8: John Lackey, RHP Los Angeles Angels: 2007 Stats - 224 IP/ 19-9/ 3.01/ 179-52 K-BB


player photo 9: Aaron Harang, RHP Cincinnati Reds: 2007 Stats - 231.2 IP/ 16-6/ 3.73/ 218-52 K-BB

player photo 10: Scott Kazmir, LHP Tampa Bay Rays: 2007 Stats - 206.2 IP/ 13-9/ 3.48/ 239-89 K-BB


Honorable Mentions:

Fausto Carmona, RHP Cleveland Indians

Cole Hamels, LHP Philadelphia Phillies

Dan Haren, RHP Arizona Diamondbacks

Roy Halladay, RHP Toronto Blue Jays

Brad Penny, RHP Los Angeles Dodgers

Roy Oswalt, RHP Houston Astros

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