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Posted on: May 24, 2008 2:33 pm
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Top 15 Deadline Potential Trade Candidates

1: player photoMatt Holliday/LF Colorado Rockies

Possible Suitors: Atlanta Braves; Cleveland Indians; New York Mets;

The Rockies are 10 games behind the NL West leader Arizona Diamondbacks, and could switch to rebuilding a bit. If they do, Holliday would be the biggest prize in the Trade Market. He would warrant between 5-7 good prospects from a team, so anybody looking at him better have a darn good Farm System. However, the main reason Holliday is on here is because the contract negotiations between he and the Rockies are clubling apart, and getting a load of Top Prospects for him is the best thing possible for the Rox.

2: player photoBrian Roberts/2B Baltimore Orioles

Possible Suitors: Cleveland Indians; Chicago White Sox; Milwaukee Brewers; Minnesota Twins; Chicago Cubs

One of the best leadoff men in the majors, and one of the best second baseman in the majors. Robert's numbers are not there quite yet, but he should heat up as the season goes on. The Orioles have surprised some with being just 5 games behind the Boston Red Sox at this point, but no matter what, General Manager Andy MacPhail will be rebuilding and Roberts is a key part to it, much like Miguel Tejada and Erik Bedard were.

3: player photoRich Harden/SP Oakland Athletics

Possible Suitors: Milwaukee Brewers; Los Angeles Dodgers; New York Yankees

Harden is arguably the best pitcher at the deadline. However, that will depend on Billy Beane's decision of whether to sell or buy at the deadline. Like almost all A's players, Beane will ask for a fortune in return, and one team will be dumb enough to do it and sacrifice a few Top Prospects for Harden, who has arm issues he is currently working out.

4: player photoGeorge Sherrill/CL Baltimore Orioles

Possible Suitors: Detroit Tigers; Cleveland Indians; Milwaukee Brewers; St. Louis Cardinals

Need a closer? Or even a set-up man? Here is your answer. Sherrill is 17 for 19 in save opportunities this season, and could help every team mentioned above with their closer jobs as none have a secure closer.

5: player photoGarrett Atkins/3B Colorado Rockies

Possible Suitors: Cleveland Indians; Minnesota Twins;

Other than the Indians and Twins, not many competing teams have a need at thrid base. The Indians are dying with Casey Blake and Andy Marte at the hot corner and will pry be the team to get Atkins. Atkins will be the best third baseman on the trade market come July.

6: player photoJason Bay/LF Pittsburgh Pirates

Possible Suitors: Toronto Blue Jays; Atlanta Braves; Cleveland Indians; New York Mets

Bay would be the best left fielder on the market, had it not been for Holliday. Bay has had some rough seasons lately, so his stock has taken a plummit from two years ago. That makes him a whole lot more affordable for teams and that makes him a player that could turn around a division.

7: player photoA.J. Burnett/SP Toronto Blue Jays

Possible Suitors: Detroit Tigers; Milwaukee Brewers; Los Angeles Dodgers; Atlanta Braves

Burnett, like Harden, has health issues, and the Jays may be able to cash in his value so far this year and use him in place of a prospect in a trade and haul a big bat to the team. Burnett also should come at less cost, so teams like the Tigers who don't have very good prospects(behind Larish and Porcello) might be able to aford him.

8: player photoJeremy Guthrie/SP Baltimore Orioles

Possible Suitors: Detroit Tigers; Milwaukee Brewers; Los Angeles Dodgers; Houston Astros; Atlanta Braves;

Guthrie is an interesting choice. he has been involved in no trade news, and has had a very good year excluding his record. He will come a whole lot cheaper then Harden, and a bit cheaper than Burnett, but Guthrie could easily pick up a team like the Brewers or Tigers and bring them back into contention.

9: player photoBrian Fuentes/CL Colorado Rockies

Possible Suitors: Detroit Tigers; Cleveland Indians; Milwaukee Brewers; St. Louis Cardinals

Fuentes is 6 for 9 in save oppourtunities, which will take away from his value and he obviously hasn't been his normal self these last two years. However, he is a better option than these other teams currenty have.

10: player photoJoe Blanton/SP Oakland Athletics

Possible Suitors: Milwaukee Brewers; Los Angeles Dodgers; New York Yankees

Like Harden, Billy Beane may ask the world for Blanton, but other than his record, "Big Country" has been very good this season. A good number 2 or 3 pitcher on any of the teams above.

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O's Season Preview Mailbag: Q's from the fans

Every month, there will be another mailbag where Aaron Folsom answers the Questions of the Fans.

Q: What will the starting infield look like at the end of the 2008 season for the Orioles? Will they be able to trade guys like Ramon Hernandez, Melvin Mora or Brian Roberts?

A: The only guys that might have some trade value at the deadline in the infield are Ramon Hernandez, if he has a good first half, and Brian Roberts. Kevin Millar may be able to attract a team looking for bench help. I don't see Mora going anywhere unless he has a first half like his spring training. I believe Guillermo Quiroz would take over for Ramon Hernandez, if he gets shipped out, and if he gets more time at the position I could see Scott Moore taking over second base duties if the team does not acquire a 2B prospect from any trades.

Ramon Hernandez could be a valuable trade chip for the Orioles come July 31st.


Q: Will Daniel Cabrera ever learn to pitch, or will he continue to have high walk totals?

A: I believe no matter what you do, Daniel Cabrera will always have high walk totals. Rick Kranitz has worked with him over the off-season and both Kranitz and manager Dave Trembley feel it will be breakout year for Cabrera. However, that has been said about Cabrera since his rookie year. Maybe Kranitz can help him out, but so far in Spring Training he seems like the same old D-Cab.

Q: Will Hayden Penn and Adam Loewen stay healthy for an entire season?

A: Adam Loewen is making progress from his recovery and the same goes for Penn. Loewen might not be a 100% as of right now though. Penn added some weight and looked very well in spring training. I think they will stay healthy for atleast a good part of the season, but injuries are spontanious, so I can't give my full confirmation on there full season status.

Q: Will the Orioles show enough this season to persuade Mark Texeira to sign with Baltimore?

A: I think regardless of what the Orioles do this year, they will still persuade Texieria to come to Baltimore. He is a native of Maryland and grew up a Orioles fan. I also think Tex would want to come here tro be around this rebuilding program. I understand he wants to win, but if Tex came to Baltimore, the O's would be on the upside of rebuilding and would be on the rebound. He would probably like being around some vets and some young guys.

Q: Will Troy Patton recover?

A: Patton has a pretty serious injury, but I believe in a year or two he could become a good member of the Orioles team. It will take a while to heal, but regardless is a Top notch prospect. I think he will recover well but may take a while.

Q: Will Nick Markakis continue to develop into a star player?

A: I think by the end of this season, Markakis will go from a top 20 outfielder to a top 15 outfielder. He continues to get better and will probably get even better by seasons end. I believe N-Mark could be a All-Star back-up for the AL this year. Look for good numbers and a solid season from Markakis all season long.

Nick Markakis has the potential to be an All-Star in 2008.

Q: Will Matt Weiters be a september call-up?

A: If The O's elect to trade Ramon Hernandez(Or can find a suitor), I think there is a 70% chance of a Weiters sighting in Baltimore come September. However, if Ramon is still with us, I think there is only a 40%-50% chance of a Weiters sighting in Baltimore. I believe MacPhail and Trembley will want to gte him a few at-bats in the majors here and there to prep him.

Q: Will the Orioles really finish below the Rays this year?

A: Without any significant injuries, I would say yes. The Rays got better over the off-season by adding Cliff Floyd and Troy Percival and bringing up thrid base super prospect Evan Longoria improves the team atleast 10 wins. Now with Wheeler, Reyes and Percival, theyhave a decent bullpen and there offense looks well rounded with Longoria, Crawford, Upton and Pena. Plus, they have a pretty good Top 3 in the rotation in Kazmir, Shields and Garza. However, one or two major injuries could put the Rays right back where they have been for so many years, 5th place.

Q: Will the O's look like they are heading in the right direction by the end of the year?

A: Every year the O's look like a contender in April, then suck it up the rest of the way. This year, it will be the opposite way. The O's will do bad and get better as the season progresses and the younger players get legit playing time. Expect last place in the division, but it will be a fun losing season in my mind. The team will eventually get better and be in the right direction.

Randor Bierd appears as one of the young O's players who will progress as the season goes on.




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2008 Baltimore Orioles Season Preview

2007 Record - 69-93, 4th in AL East, 27.0 GB

Key Departures: Miguel Tejada/SS(HOU), Erik Bedard/LHSP(SEA), Corey Patterson/OF(CIN)

Key Acquisitions: Matt Albers/RHP(HOU), Adam Jones/OF(SEA), Dennis Sarfate/RHRP(HOU), Luke Scott/OF(HOU), George Sherrill/LHRP(SEA)

Into the off-season, GM Andy MacPhail made a statement by turning the franchise into a rebuilding state. Unfortunaltly, it will be a while before the O's climb back on the horse and become a contender. Peter Angelos did them in for the past ten years. Now, the O's lose one of the best southpaws in the game, Erik Bedard, but gain a new closer, a very talented center fielder in Adam Jones, and three young pitching prospects. Before that, macPhail dealt shortstop Miguel Tejada to the Houston Astros for outfielder Luke Scott, two young pitchers expected to step in immediatly in Matt Albers and Dennis Sarfate, a third base prospect expected to see some playing time and one of the best southpaw prospects in the game, Troy Patton. Even with the departures of Bedard and Tejada, I expect the O's to be better. Both Bedard and Tejada were bad clubhouse players. The O's tossed them out and started new. The 2008 Orioles have a good chemistry of young components along with some oldies to help the young guys out.


Offense: The Offense of the O's will be a torture to watch at the beginning, but expect it to get a fire lit underneath after a bad April. Expect to see Ramon Hernandez to bounce back to somewhat of his 2006 form, where he hit .275 with 23 home runs and 91 rbi's. Kevin Millar will start the season at first base. Millar is a good team player, but he is not at all a starter. Hopefully Mike Costanzo or Scott Moore can take over at some point. Brian Roberts comes back to the Orioles after dodging a spew of trade rumors this off-season. Roberts may very well be the best player on the trade block, and will be a hot commodity at the trade deadline. Unfortunatly, shortstop is a horrible position of the O's as well. Luis Hernandez is currently the starter, but is absolutley horrible in Spring Training. Brandon Fahey may very well be a better option and with Hernandez's play, could be the starter at shortstop on opening day. Melvin Mora is doing very well in spring training , but probably will not bring it over to the regular season. He could be a trade chip, but I don't think too many teams will be interested. Maybe either Costanzo or Moore will take over eventually. Here is where the O's are best, the outfield. Nick Markakis is just one of the few top 20, under 25 outfielders. He will get help from Luke Scott, who becomes the new starter at left field. Stuck in the middle of these two is youngster Adam Jones. Expect good seasons from all three of these players.

Pitching: Last year proved that just because you have one of the top 10 pitchers in the game dosn't mean you pitching is good. Adam Loewen and Jeremy Guthrie are in a tight battle for the ace of the staff, while Daniel Cabrera and Steve Trachsel basically sit calm in the 3-4 spots. The other battle is between Matt Albers and Lance Cormier for the 5th rotation spot. The bullpen was where the team was a blow up last season. The had two non-closer's under 4 ERA(Chad Bradford and Jaime Walker). Both Bradford and Walker along with closer george Sherrill will be on the trade block come deadline time. Other than that, the bullpen becomes a toss-up. There are two others who will probably make it, they are Dennis Sarfate and Randor Bierd, who was a Rule-5 pick this off-season. There is also Garrett Olson, Radhames Liz, Brian Burres, Greg Aquino and other battling for the last one or two spots.

Strengths: The O's have a few bright spots. There strong at catcher(Hernandez), second base(Roberts) and outfield(Markakis, Scott, Jones). It will not be a pretty year to be a Birds fan, but it will be fun watching the new guys and the young guys form the team and try there hardest. Probably there best strength is that they have around $30-$40M to spend in free agency next year on young but talented guys like Mark Teixeiria

Weakness: Man, was it easier to just name the strengths. The O's need a first baseman, shortstop, third baseman, and a lot of good youth pitching to become a contender. The good news, they have a potential prospect at just about every position. The offense is half and half, kind of like they have been in spring training. They will be great one day, then come out and fiddle around for 3 hours the next day. If they can become a team that wants to win, who says they can't.


player photo1. Brian Roberts/2B

player photo2. Melvin Mora/3B

player photo3. Nick Markakis/RF

player photo4. Aubrey Huff/DH

player photo5. Ramon Hernandez/C

player photo6. Luke Scott/LF

player photo7. Adam Jones/CF

player photo8. Kevin Millar/1B

player photo9. Luis A. Hernandez/SS

*Editors Note: The Projected Line-up is what I believe the O's opening day line-up should look like.

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MLB Spring Training trades......

1: player photo Brian Roberts to the Chicago Cubs for Ronny Cedeno, Eric Patterson and Tyler Colvin

I have heard so much stuff about how Roberts wouldn't be a big help for the Cubs. Both Roberts and DeRosa have almost identical career lines, but Roberts will give you way more extra base hits, steals and possibly a few more home runs. I don't see why the O's want another pitcher in this deal when they have 11 battling for 2 rotation spots. I would rather get Cedeno, who fills the gap at shortstop left by Tejada, get Patterson to take full-time second base duties and get a good future outfielder in Tyler Colvin.

2: player photo Joe Blanton to the Cincinnati Reds for Homer Bailey and Joey Votto

As much as it would hurt the Reds offense getting rid of Votto, exchanging Bailey for Blanton would be great. Hatteberg could probably cut it for a few more seasons and you could always place Adam Dunn at 1B. Hatteberg has one skill thou, walking. The guy gets on base like a machine. Blanton would emmidiatley give the Reds a pretty good Top 3 of the rotation while Bailey can fight for a rotation spot in Oakland and Votto works with Daric Barton at 1B.

3: player photo Joe Crede to the San Francisco Giants for Erick Threets and Rajai Davis

Crede to San Fran has been rumored for some time and I believe it will happen sooner rather than later. Threets is a hard throwing reliever who could fit nicely in the merky White Sox bullpen and Davis, another out of options player, could make a very nice bench player and definitley a great pinch runner.

4: player photo Coco Crisp to the Atlanta Braves for Blaine Boyer

Nobody is currently in the running for Coco but I don't know how the whole Kotsay experiment will work out and I don't know if Matt Diaz can handle a full season starting gig. Francouer is the only above average player in the outfield and the Braves could bring up a guy like Brandon Jones, but they could always use a CF for now.

5: player photo Vicente Padilla (and cash) to the Colorado Rockies for Jose Capellan

Its obvious, any deal involoving Padilla will mean the Rangers have to give cash up, but its for a very good cause. The Rockies currently have a rotation wiith Jeff Francis, Ubaldo Jimenez, Aaron Cook, Jason Hirsh, Kip Wells and possibly Mark Redman. Thats not too good. Padilla is not great, but they are not give much up in return. Basically for the Rockies, they get a below average pitcher to add to the rotation mix and get money to pay his salary for a hard throwing righty that has potential but has serious control problems.  

6: player photo Chris Capuano to the New York Mets for Gustavo Molina and Jason Vargas

Capuano has potential. He just never shows it. He has his moments, except last season when he eclipsed the 5.00+ ERA but he could be used as a very nice bullpen addition in the Mets pen. The Brew Crew would be getting a young southpaw who has yet to find his groove and a young catcher in the most historical position families in baseball.

7: player photo Jason Botts to the San Diego Padres for Wil Ledezma

The Rangers have a super surplus of outfielder, they must get rid of either Botts, Nelson Cruz or David Murphy. Botts has less trade value, but could snag a young southpaw like Ledezma since the Pads need a corner outfielder, which is a match for Botts.

8: player photo Dan Johnson to the San Francisco Giants for Merkin Valdez

The Giants have a whole at 1B. There best option is Rich Aurilia, meaning they need a new starter. Johnson is not all that great, but could grab a guy like Merkin Valdez who is out of options and could win a spot in the A's roation or bullpen.

9: player photo Nick Johnson to the New York Yankees for Chase Wright

The Yankees have basically nobody at first base. They have Shelly Duncan and thats about it. Johnson is a low risk- high reward players. Johnson is coming off a season ending injury. Many Red Sox (and yankee) fans remember the 4 straight home runs off of Chase Wright.

10: player photo Xavier Nady to the San Francisco Giants for Fred Davis

The Giants don't have much at either OF or 1B. If they aquired Dan Johnson, it would give them an adequate resting player when Nady is on a day off. He could also potential fall into a starting spot in the outfield.


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My first 2 Fantasy Baseball teams......

Team 1 I was not around to draft, but here is my Team

E-Town O's

C- Jarrod Saltalamacchia; Carlos Ruiz

1B - Adrian Gonzalez; Derrick Lee

2B - Brian Roberts

SS - Khalil Greene

3B - Chone Figgins; Evan Longoria

OF - Grady Sizemore; Adam Dunn; Nick Swisher; Ken Griffey Jr.; Luke Scott

SP- Johan Santana; Dan Haren; Bronson Arroyo; A.J. Burnett; Oliver Perez; Jeremy Guthrie; Gil Meche;

RP- Mariano Rivera; Chad Cordero



Team 2 I did draft, It took place last night at 5:30

MVP = Markakis

C - Victor Martinez; Bengie Molina

1B - Lance Berkman; Adam A. LaRoche

2B - Kelly Johnson

SS - Khalil Greene

3B - Alex Rodriguez; Adrian Beltre

OF - Curtis Granderson; Nick Markakis; Jeff Francouer; Delmon Young; Jeremy Hermida; Luke Scott

SP - Chad Billingsley; Fausto Carmona; Tim Hudson; Ted Lilly; Adam Wainwright

RP - Jonathan Papelbon; Eric Gagne



I would like to know everybodies thoughts on my 2 Fantasy teams. My next draft I must wait 1 month for.

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4 trades I would like to see......

There have been over 10 trades this off-season involving MLB-veterans. Some were deals involving more than 5 players going to another team like the Orioles-Astros deal, the Tigers-Marlins deal and the Athletics-D'backs deal. With about 20 days remaining until Pitchers and catchers report, many deals are still left on the table. There are still players that can decide whether you are a pretender or contender like Erik Bedard, Johan Santana and Brian Roberts. There are teams looking to rebuild, casting off veterans like the O's and A's. There will never be a day in the life of the MLB where a trade rumor about a player and a team ceases to exist. With that, I bring you some trades I see coming as this MLB season approaches.

player photo Minnesota Twins trade LHP Johan Santana to the New York Mets for OF Fernando Martinez, RHP Philip Humber, RHP Deolis Guerra, RHP Kevin Mulvey and LHP Aaron Heilman

After pondering it over, the Twins will realize they have to deal Johan soon. If the trade deadline comes, you will almost have to deal him off no matter what the bidder bids because you don't wanna give him up to free agency and not get anything back. If the Mets put this offer in play, the Twins have to take it. You have to get him off of your hands ASAP because you need something back. The Mets can give the Twins just that with 4 pitchers and the coveted outfielder they want. If the Mets want to win the East, they have to give up the future for now. With the money the Mets have, there is no need for future when they can just buy it.

player photo Baltimore Orioles trade LHP Erik Bedard to the Seattle Mariners for OF Adam Jones, SS Carlos Truinfel, LHP Brandon Morrow and 2B Yung-Chi Chen

Bedard has about the same price as Santana does. He has more years left on his contract and a lower contract but has shown his CY Young candidate side in only 2 seasons. Bedard would put the Mariners next to the Angels in the West. Adam Jones would give the O's the CF they need and they would have Truinfel as the shortstop of the future around 2010. Brandon Morrow would be the new "ace" when he is ready and Chen would take over 2B immediatley if Roberts is dealt. Bavasi has placed Morrow on the "untouchable" list, but he has changed his mind about prospects over the past week like crazy. The M's have been known to covet Bedard and want him very bad, if the Mariners actually offered this, I think Andy MacPahil may tak it. Unless the Reds swoop in with Votto, Bailey, Cueto and Encarnacion.

player photo Baltimore Orioles trade 2B Brian Roberts to the Atlanta Braves for OF Gorkys Hernandez and SS Brent Lillibridge

Roberts hasn't been linked to the Braves and the Braves haven't been linked to a 2B, but Kelly Johnson is not the answer. If the Mets get Johan, the Braves just about automatically fall to atleast 3rd in the East. The Phillies have already, in my opinion, gotten better with adding Brad Lidge and putting Brett Myers back in the rotation and dont really have a weak spot, other than 3B. The Braves also have 3 outfield prospects ranked higher than hernandez in Brandon Jones, Jason Heyward and Jordan Shafer, so they wouldn't be giving up  alot with hernandez, not too mention they have Francoeur still. Plus, they have Yunel Escobar maning the shortstop area, so Lillibridge may become available. Roberts is an All-star 2B and in the Top 5 at the position in MLB. Plus, this gives the O's a good outfield prospect and a shorstop that can come up and get the starting job automatically. I can't see or want to see Luis Hernandez getting the starting nod every day for the 2008 Orioles.

player photo Oakland Athletics trade RHP Huston Street to the San Francisco Giants for RHP Henry Sosa, SS Manny Burriss,  OF Nate Schierholtz and OF Fred Lewis

The Athletics are becoming a team of prospects and the Gigantes are trying to contend in a stacked NL West. One thing the Giants need is a closer. Huston Street is up for auction as another one of the A' trade chips. Billy Beane, known by many as one of the best GM's in baseball would trade with Brian Sabean, known as one of the worst GM's in baseball would try to strike a deal. The A's would get a future top of the line pitcher, a shortstop to take over for, dare I say, Bobby Crosby,  an Outfielder that would fit in well with Carlos Gonzalez and Travis Buck and another outfielderr that can step in right away. Heck, with Beane wanting a lot and Sabean giving a lot, i wouldn't be surprised if the A's got another player in this deal.


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