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2011 NFL Mock Draft v.1

1. Carolina Panthers logo Carolina Panthers select Nick Fairley (DT), Auburn
Denver Broncos logo Denver Broncos select Patrick Peterson (CB), LSU
Buffalo Bills logo Buffalo Bills select Andrew Luck (QB), Stanford
4. Cincinnati Bengals logo Cincinnati Bengals select A.J Green (WR), Georgia
Arizona Cardinals logo Arizona Cardinals select Nate Solder (OT), Colorado

San Francisco 49ers logo San Francisco 49ers select Blaine Gabbert (QB), Missouri
Houston Texans logo Houston Texans select Prince Amukamara (CB), Nebraska
Dallas Cowboys logo Dallas Cowboys select Marcell Dareus (DE), Alabama
Cleveland Browns logo Cleveland Browns select Julio Jones (WR), Alabama
Detroit Lions logo Detroit Lions select Janoris Jenkins (CB), Florida
Seattle Seahawks logo Seattle Seahawks select Da'Quan Bowers (DE), Clemson
Washington Redskins logo Washington Redskins select Robert Quinn (DE), North Carolina
Minnesota Vikings logo Minnesota Vikings select Jake Locker (QB), Washington
Tennessee Titans logo Tennessee Titans select Akeem Ayers (OLB), UCLA
Miami Dolphins logo Miami Dolphins select Mark Ingram (RB), Alabama
New England Patriots logo New England Patriots select Von Miller (OLB), Texas A&M
Jacksonville Jaguars logo Jacksonville Jaguars select Brandon Harris (CB), Miami (FL)
San Diego Chargers logo San Diego Chargers select Justin Blackmon (WR), Oklahoma State
Tampa Bay Buccaneers logo Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Gabe Carimi (OT), Wisconsin
St. Louis Rams logo St. Louis Rams select Stephen Paea (DT), Oregon State
New York Giants logo New York Giants select Anthony Castonzo (OT), Boston College
Indianapolis Colts logo Indianapolis Colts select Drake Nevis (DT), LSU
Green Bay Packers logo Green Bay Packers select Tyron Smith (OT), USC
New York Jets logo New York Jets select Mike Pouncey (OG), Florida
25. Kansas City Chiefs logo Kansas City Chiefs select Derek Sherrod (OT), Mississippi State
Philadelphia Eagles logo Philadelphia Eagles select Travis Lewis (OLB), Oklahoma
Chicago Bears logo Chicago Bears select Michael Floyd (WR), Notre Dame
Baltimore Ravens logo Baltimore Ravens select Ras-I Dowling (CB), Virginia
29. New Orleans Saints logo New Orleans Saints select Ryan Kerrigan (DE), Purdue
Pittsburgh Steelers logo Pittsburgh Steelers select DeMarcus Love (OT), Arkansas
Atlanta Falcons logo Atlanta Falcons select Aaron Williams (CB), Texas
New England Patriots logo New England Patriots select Ryan Williams (RB), Virginia Tech
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O's Farm Report: 6/08

Norfolk Tides (AAA)

Jake Arrieta/RHP - (6-2) 1.85 (1.12) 73.0 [64:32]

Josh Bell/3B -
.264/.300/.433/.733  17(2B) 6(HR) 27(RBI) 11:53 2(SB)
Matt Angle/CF (+Bowie) - .350/.404/.398/.802  2(2B) 1(HR) 14(RBI) 10:10 6(SB)

Bowie Baysox (AA)

Pedro Beato/RHP - (3-0) 1.61 (1.25) 28.0 [22:8] 3 SV
Pat Egan/RHP - (5-1) 1.80 (0.80) 35.0 [22:7] 5 SV
Zach Britton/LHP - (5-3) 2.96 (1.30) 67.0 [49:23]
Tim Bascom/RHP - (3-4) 3.43 (1.29) 63.0 [41:10]

Frederick Keys (High-A)

Jose Duran/RHP -
(3-0) 0.86 (0.99) 31.1 [30:15]
Brett Jacobson/RHP - (4-0) 2.08 (1.25) 30.1 [27:12]
Richard Zagone/LHP - (3-5) 3.36 (1.27) 64.1 [45:20]
Cole McCurry/LHP - (2-2) 3.51 (1.29) 48.2 [48:18]
Nathan Nery/LHP - (4-5) 3.53 (1.15) 66.1 [38:12]
Ryan O'Shea/RHP - (3-3) 3.86 (1.57) 53.2 [32:26]

Greg Miclat/2B
- .317/.406/.383/.789  8(2B) 11(RBI) [16:22] 8(SB)
Joseph Mahoney/1B - .306/.355/.497/.853  16(2B) 7(HR) 35(RBI) [15:36] 5(SB)
Jacob Julius/LF - .294/.382/.487/.870  11(2B) 4(HR) 23(RBI) [14:38] 3(SB)
Jerome Hoes/2B - .290/.413/.395/.808  8(2B) 1(3B) 1(HR) 20(RBI) [24:17] 3(SB)
Xavier Avery/CF - ..283/.343/.381/.723  10(2B) 3(3B) 2(HR) 24(RBI) [19:49] 15(SB)

Delmarva Shorebirds (A)

Josh Dowdy/RHP - (0-1) 1.42 (1.21) 19.0 [27:8] 7 SV
Jesse Beal/RHP - (4-3) 3.74 (1.25) 67.1 [41:15]
Matt Hobgood/RHP - (3-5) 4.40 (1.38) 59.1 [39:26]

Brian Conley/RF - .302/.424/.402/.826  10(2B) 3(3B) 1(HR) 13(RBI) [41:40] 4(SB)
Steven Bumbry/CF - .297/.375/.440/.815  13(2B) 5(3B) 1(HR) 18(RBI) [20:66] 6(SB)

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O's Farm Report: 5/27/10

Norfolk Tides (AAA)

Jake Arrieta/RHP -
  5-2  1.86 ERA  63 IP  55:32  1.14 WHIP
Chris Tillman/RHP -  5-4  3.12 ERA  57.2 IP  47:12  1.16 WHIP
Josh Bell/3B -  .261/.438/.724  13(2B)  6(HR)  35 RBI  6:48  2(SB)

Bowie Baysox (AA)

Pedro Beato/RHP -
  2-0  1.17 ERA  23 IP  19:6  1.13 WHIP  3 SV
Pat Egan/RHP -  4-1  2.10 ERA  30 IP  19:6  0.87 WHIP  3 SV
Tim Bascom/RHP -  3-3  3.16 ERA  51.1 IP  32:8  1.31 WHIP
Zach Britton/LHP -  4-3  3.38 ERA  53.1 IP  40:16  1.26 WHIP
Eddie Gamboa/RHP -  1-3  3.80 ERA  21.1 IP  20:9  1.17 WHIP  2 SV
Steve Johnson/RHP -  1-3  2.88 ERA  48.2 IP  46:24  1.36 WHIP
Caleb Joseph/C -  .281/.380/.711  6(2B)  2(HR)  18 RBI  10:13  1(SB)
Brandon Waring/3B -  .223/.386/.677  9(2B)  6(HR)  21 RBI  14:56 

Frederick Keys (High-A)

Jose Duran/RHP -
  2-0  1.09 ERA  24.2 IP  22:12  0.97 WHIP 
Brett Jacobson/RHP -  3-0  1.80 ERA  25 IP  23:10  1.32 WHIP 
John Mariotti/RHP -  2-1  2.55 ERA  24.2 IP  11:19  1.58 WHIP  1 SV
Raul Rivero/RHP -  3-1  3.33 ERA  24.1 IP  32:11  1.23 WHIP 
Richard Zagone/LHP -  2-5  3.59 ERA  52.2 IP  35:17  1.35 WHIP
Cole McCurry/RHP -  1-2  3.89 ERA  41.2 IP  44:17  1.39 WHIP 
Nathan Nery/LHP -  3-4  3.93 ERA  50.1 IP  32:11  1.31 WHIP
Joseph Mahoney/1B -  .322/.500/.864  12(2B)  5(HR)  28 RBI  10:29  4(SB)
Xavier Avery/CF -  .297/.390/.742  9(2B)  1(3B)  2(HR)  20 RBI  14:38  13(SB)
Jerome Hoes/2B -  .290/.395/.808  8(2B)  1(3B)  1(HR)  20 RBI  24:17  3(SB)
Jacob Julius/LF - .282/.456/.813  9(2B)  3(HR)  17 RBI  10:31  3(SB)
Ronny Welty/RF -  .264/.472/.844  6(2B)  8(HR)  31 RBI  23:50  3(SB)

Delmarva Shorebirds (A)

Josh Dowdy/RHP -
  0-1  1.13 ERA  16 IP  22:5  1.13 WHIP  5 SV
Jacob Smith/LHP -  3-1  2.70 ERA  26.2 IP  21:8  1.24 WHIP 
Nicholas Haughian/LHP -  3-0  2.70 ERA  26.2 IP  28:8  1.35 WHIP 
Jake Cowan/RHP -  3-1  3.51 ERA  41 IP  40:18  1.41 WHIP 
Jesse Beal/RHP -  4-2  3.56 ERA  55.2 IP  34:11  1.19 WHIP
Nathan Moreau/LHP -  0-2  3.77 ERA  31 IP  40:15  1.32 WHIP
Brian Conley/RF -  .318/.427/.864  8(2B)  3(3B)  1(HR)  9 RBI  34:33  3(SB)
Garabez Rosa/SS -  .299/.435/.766  16(2B)  1(3B)  1(HR)  19 RBI  5:30 
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O's Farm Report: 5/17/10

Norfolk Tides (AAA)

Jake Arrieta/RHP - [3-2  2.20 ERA   49 IP       1.39 K:BB  .173 OBA]
Chris Tillman/RHP - [3-4   3.83 ERA   44.2 IP   4 K:BB         .256 OBA]
Josh Bell/3B - [.243/.275/.429   8 2B   6HR   24RBI   0.17  BB:K]

Bowie Baysox (AA)

Pedro Beato/RHP - [1-0   0.87 ERA   20.2 IP   3.6  K:BB   .224 OBA]
Pat Egan/RHP - [3-1   1.88 ERA   24 IP   3.2 K:BB   .159 OBA]
Timothy Bascom/RHP - [2-2   3.05 ERA   41.1 IP   3.57 K:BB   .263 OBA]
Steve Johnson/RHP - [1-2    3.35 ERA   43 IP   2.22 K:BB   .223 OBA]
Ryan Adams/2B - [.286/.345/.373   11 2B   12 RBI  0.46 BB:K ]
Tyler Henson/OF - [ .282/.333/.444   10 2B   2 3B  3HR   22RBI   0.28 BB:K]

Frederick Keys (High-A)

Brandon Cooney/RHP - [2-0  0.55 ERA  16.1 IP   2.71 K:BB  .211 OBA]
Jose Duran/RHP - [2-0   0.92 ERA   19.2 IP   1.78 K:BB   .145 OBA]
Brett Jacobson/RHP - [2-0   2.37 ERA   19 IP   2.29 K:BB   .240 OBA]
Raul Rivero/RHP - [2-1   3.05 ERA   20.2 IP   2.89 K:BB   .208 OBA]
Richard Zagone/LHP - [1-4   3.24 ERA   41.2 IP   2.25 K:BB   .270 OBA]
Joseph Mahoney/1B - [.320/.371/.500   10 2B  4 HR   21 RBI   0.44 BB:K]
Jerome Hoes/2B - [.290/.413/.395   9 2B  1 3B  1 HR  20 RBI  1.41 BB:K]
Billy Rowell/1B - [.284/.405/.440   5 2B  4 HR   21 RBI  0.49 BB:K]

Delmarva Shorebirds (A)

Josh Dowdy/RHP - [0-1  0.71 ERA  12.2 IP  17 K:BB  .208 OBA]
Jacob Smith/LHP - [3-0  2.25 ERA   20 IP   4.25 K:BB   .263 OBA]
Nicholas Haughian/LHP - [3-0   3.32 ERA   19 IP   4.75 K:BB   .289 OBA]
Ryan Perry/RHP - [0-3   3.50 ERA   46.1 IP   3.91 K:BB   .268 OBA]
Jake Cowan/RHP - [3-1   3.51 ERA   41 IP   2.22 K:BB   .261 OBA]
Jesse Beal/RHP - [3-2   3.77 ERA   43 IP   2.67 K:BB   .246 OBA]


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With a break in Sched, it's time to Vent.

Ok. So the Orioles come into their first off-day since Opening Day with a 2-14 record. Worst in the majors. The O's are getting little to no runs in each game, and that includes games against pitchers like Justin Vargas and Dana Eveland. It's absoutely terrible and I for one am fed up with the way Trembley is running this team.

So, after the M's swept up last night, Trembley decided it was time to vent. Well Tremb, your not the only one.

"I've been in a position where I'm a really nice fella and I'll cover. I'll get questions point blank and I feel like I'm a damn presidential press secretary sometimes instead of telling it what is it. I have to smooth it over," Trembley said. "I'm not smoothing it over anymore."

Really Dave? Maybe this should have started, oh say, a frikin week ago. Teams go through dry streaks. You know, a maybe 5 game period of bad hitting or bad pitching, but not like this. The hitting has been there for 3 games so far that I've seen, and in those games the O's are 2-1. This isn't just any dry streak, its a slump in the middle of the desert. So Dave, Stop acting like such a nice guy. Do that when we are winning, this isn't little leagues. In fact, it's probably the farthest from the Little Leagues considering we are in the hardest damn division in baseball. Get your ass in gear, and motivate these guys.

"The whole thing has gone totally different from what we want. It hasn't been acceptable," Trembley said. "I'm very patient but I will tell you the truth. I didn't have anyone come up to me afterward and disagree with what I said."

Of course it's far from what we want. What we want is to be within striking distance of .500 baseball. What we want is some hits to support these great outings by our pitchers, and they get screwed because they give up 2 or 3 in a game. At the rate we are going, Guthrie and Millwood will become the first 20 game losers to ever have ERA's under 4. I too am a patient person, I kind of just laughed off the first 10 losses, now it's getting very, very annoying. I mean, you have 27 outs to work with. In those 27 outs, you can only manage 1 run and a handful of hits?

Look, unless we go out in this series against Boston and New York that includes 12 games against them total and we become a wrecking ball, I seriously believe it's in MacPhails best judgement to fire Trembley, and fire Crowley. I personally blame them for this start.

Posted on: December 15, 2009 8:20 pm

Millwood fits MacPhails plan

The first priority for the Baltimore Orioles going into the off-season was finding a veteran starting pitcher. It took merely a week, and Andy MacPhail found his guy. During the Winter Meetings, MacPhail dealt reliever Chris Ray and Ben Snyder to the Texas Rangers for Kevin Millwood and $3 million dollars.

Some may ask what MacPhail sees in Millwood, and as too why the O's need him. Well, the O's were headed into the 2010 baseball season with a very youthful pitching staff, including Brian Matusz and Chris Tillman, two former top prospects. Millwood not only delievers that expierence the staff has lacked in recent years, but also a solid innings eater that will take away the wear and tear of a young bullpen. Millwood also becomes the teachers in a situation where he was once a student. A dozen-plus years ago, Millwood grew up with the Braves in a rotation that was anchored with the names of Maddux, Glavine, and Smoltz.

The lessons he once learned with them he will now carry over to guys named Matusz, Tillman, and Bergeson. Even if Millwood has an unsuccessful year in the stat lines, MacPhail didn't truely give up much for him. MacPhail dealt away Chris Ray, who was a fan favorite here in Baltimore for a few years, surfacing from the minors as the potential future closer. In 2006, Ray posted 33 saves in 38 chances, but before too long his career went downhill on a direct slant. He went through Tommy John surgery and in 2009 made his official return, however he ran into some trouble, posting a 7.24 ERA in 46 appearances.

All in all, MacPhail didn't get Millwood just for the stats. It's what lies beyond the boundary of stat and in the area of teaching. Millwood is the guy that MacPhail knew the O's needed, and he got his guy much like he has most of his career as the O's GM. With Millwood anchoring the staff, the potential for Tillman and Matusz will go up, as well as the potential for many happy Orioles fans all across the country.

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Gerhart: Man of Steel

Move over Superman (or Tim Tebow to some), There is a new Man of Steel.

His name is not Colt McCoy. His name isn't Tim Tebow. His name is Toby Gerhart, and he is a member of the Stanford Cardinal.

You may be wondering, 'Whats the big deal about some guy from Stanford?'. I'll tell you the big deal. It's that this guy (and a few others) have turned a Stanford team into a serious contender for the Pac 10 title.

Gerhart didn't just rise to the top as a senior at Stanford, he rose in High School. At the time of his High School career, he totalled a historic 9,662 yards, which would rank 3rd at the time in the American High School football record books. Stanford pounced on Gerhart, and he wa ranked the 40th best running back in the 2006 Recruiting Class.

During his Junior season at Stanford, Gerhart broke the Stanford season rushing record, amassing 1,136 yards and 16 touchdowns. In 2009 so far, he has shown that he can be a workhorse, and his body build shows it. He stands 6'1", 235 lbs and reminds many of a typical fullback, however he can hold his own carrying the ball. Through 10 games in 2009, he has 262 attempts. In 2008, he had just 210. The thing is, he has shown absolutely no signs of slowing down.

In those 262 attempts, he has ran for 1,395 yards and 19 touchdowns, both also career highs. He is averaging 5.3 yards per carry, and the lowest average yards per carry in a single game was 4.4 against the Arizona Wildcats, but he still ran for 123 yards against them. he was held under 100 yards just twice, against Wake Forest and Oregon State, but in both games he only ran a total of 38 times. Thats as many as he had in a single game, against Oregon.

The workhorse load also proved big for Stanford in 2009 so far, when he ran for atleast 25 times in a game, the Cardinal are 5-1. Lets see where his stats are located in the nation among FBS running backs.

Attempts - #1, 262 (34 more than second place Daniel Thomas of Kansas State)

Rushing Yards - #3, 1395 (1st - Ryan Mathews, FSU [1491]; 2nd - Donald Buckram, UTEP [1422])

Touchdowns - #2, 19 (1st - Ricky Dobbs, Navy [22])

And when it comes down to decision time for the Heisman Memorial Trophy to invite several members of the college football world to New York for one of the Greatest Awards in Sports, Toby Gerhart by far should be receiving an invite, if not the award itself.
Posted on: May 17, 2009 4:01 pm

A Japanese Oriole

When Koji Uehara was signed by the Baltimore Orioles in the off-season, not many knew that he was to become the first Japanese-born Oriole player. Ever. he also brought along hope for a better season and a better pitching rotation. So far, only a month and a half into the season, he has. Since his implosive game against the Texas Rangers, his earned run average has dropped off.

Hailing from Osaka, Uehara pitched for a lot of years in his home country of Japan before becoming posted as a free agent this past off-season. He spent all nine seasons in Japan playing for the Yomiuri Giants. His rookie season was 1999, where he won the Central league Rookie of the Year award. That season was also the debut season in Japan of a youngster named Diasuke Matsuzaka. Uehara would end the season by outperforming Matsuzaka. That wasn't even the major award he won in '99. Uehara would be named Sawamura Award winner, which is given to the best pitcher in Japan.

If given a nickname, Uehara would be called bullseye. His pinpoint accuracy is off the charts and has posted crazy numbers in the strikeout/walk catagories his whole career. During 2002, the year Uehara won his second Sawamura award, he posted an almost lucrative 182 strikeouts to 23 walks. The most walks he ever gave up in Japan, just 28. Nothing about Uehara is weakness thats easy to manipulate. However, his only weakness is the home run ball. As of writing this article, Uehara has given up six homers in 42.2 innings.

Coming into this season, many wanted to sign Uehara as a reliever, after seeing his success in 2007 as a closer for Yomiuri which included 32 saves a 1.74 Earned Run Average. The Orioles were one of a select few that wanted him for there rotation. Ever since then, he has gave the O's several quality starts. In seven starts, he has posted three or less runs in six of those games, and one bad start against the Rangers where he gave up seven through five innings. By the end of 2009, Koji Uehara could be seeing another Rookie of the Year crown if he keeps up pitching the way he has been.

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